More Mesa Shores Homeowners Association Committees

Architectural Committee ~ Chair: Cathy Moseley (805) 570-6006
Jim Peterson
Charlie Stolar
Sandra Austin

Beach Committee ~ Chair: TBD
Jim and Della Peterson
Mark Moseley
Andy Primack
Tyler Patterson
Karen Novak

Road Committee Chair: Sandra Austin (805) 895-6789
James RoadReed Jolley
Via Valverde EastSteve Sweeney
Via Valverde WestHolly Melton
Camino FloralTBD
Barwick RoadLoren Solin
Orchid ExtensionTom Condon
Louisiana EastCarol Hildebrand
Louisiana WestJim Crosby
Austin EastSandra Austin
Austin WestChris Tacelli

Airport Noise Mitigation Committee ~ Chair: TBD
Greg Novak

Please contact any of us with any suggestions or concerns about our roads.

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