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Board Meetings

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Monday, June 22  at Reed Jolley’s  residence.

NOTE: Moving forward all attendees who wish to join a Board meeting are welcome to attend in person.  A Zoom link will no longer be available.

Our Vision

More Mesa Shores is a tranquil, private community, with limited traffic and a strong sense of “neighborhood”. Consistent with this Vision, the Association will enforce this Declaration, the Bylaws and regulations to limit commercialization of our lifestyle and excessive use of our Common Areas. The Vision of ownership and use established by this Restated Declaration is intended to maintain the tradition of the amenities, rights, privileges and responsibilities that have come with ownership of property in More Mesa Shores. The amenities include

  • membership in the More Mesa Shores Homeowners Association
  • the private road system, its appearance and maintenance
  • enjoyment of the semi-rural, low density quality of More Mesa Shores, consistent with no sidewalks, streetlights or other urban amenities, and
  • use and enjoyment of trails and easements including their maintenance and controlled use.

The rights and privileges include the benefits of the Restated Declaration, the use of the amenities and voting rights in the More Mesa Shores Homeowners Association (the “Association”). The responsibilities include the exercise of voting rights, being obligated by the outcome of voting and of reasonable decisions by the Association, including architectural review, lot-split and use restrictions and payment of assessments. It shall be the duty of the Owners and Board of the Association to effectuate the Vision and maintain More Mesa Shores in accordance with the historical standards the Owners have previously enjoyed and come to expect in More Mesa Shores.

As stated in the CC&R’s

Board Meeting Protocols:

All association members are invited to attend any of the Board of Directors meetings.

If you would like to:

  • voice an issue, bring a concern, or make a constructive suggestion to the board:  residents need to phone or send an email to any of the members of the Board of Directors to schedule a time to be included on the agenda.

  • Request previous Board Meeting minutes or if you would like to attend a Board meeting.

  • Download a copy of how to Address Issues, Concerns or Suggestions

MMS Information Links:

The following links are to assist you to access more information regarding or community.

A new Noise Abatement Hotline and Reporting System document has been prepared by Gordon Feingold to assist MMSHOA members to report excessive airport noise to the Santa Barbara Airport.

To read the latest Santa Barbara Airport Noise Report

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